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running - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

running - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
days running and weeks running; months running; years runningdays in a series; months in a series; etc. (Follows a number.) I had a bad cold for five days running. For two years running, I brought work home from the office every night.See also: days
hit the ground running
Fig. to start the day very energetically. A decade ago I had a lot more energy. I would wake up, hit the ground running, and never stop until I went to bed again.See also: ground, hit
in the running
Fig. in competition; competing and having a chance to win. (See also in a bind and the examples.) Is Tom still in the running? Does he still have a chance to be elected? I don't know about Tom, but Gladys is definitely still in the running.
off and running
1. Lit. [of horses, dogs, or people] having started racing. It's a beautiful day at the races, and, yes, they're off and running! 2. Fig. started up and going. The car was finally loaded by 9:30, and we were off and running. The construction of the building was going to take two years, but we were off and running, and it appeared we would finish on schedule.See also: and
off to a running start
with a good, fast beginning, possibly a head start. I got off to a running start in math this year. The horses got off to a running start.See also: start
out of the running
Fig. no longer being considered; eliminated from a contest. After the first part of the diving meet, three members of our team were out of the running. After the scandal was made public, I was out of the running. I pulled out of the election.See also: out
running high
[for feelings] to be in a state of excitement or anger. Feelings were running high as the general election approached. The mood of the crowd was running high when they saw the mother slap her child.See also: high
take a running jump (in the lake)
Sl. Go away!; Get away from me! You know what you can do? You can take a running jump. Beat it! You can just take a running jump in the lake, you creep!See also: jump, take
up and running
Fig.[of a machine] functioning. As soon as we can get the tractor up and running, we will plant the corn crop.See also: and, up(Go) take a running jump! (informal) an impolite way of telling someone to go away or that you will not give them something they want 'Jim wants to borrow your new CD.' 'Tell him to take a running jump.' See also: take
a running battle
if you have a running battle with someone, you have an argument that continues over a long period of time (often + with ) I've had a running battle with the neighbours over their kids throwing stones over the fence. See also: battle
be in the running
if you are in the running for something, you are in a good position to win it or achieve it (often + for ) This film must be in the running for a Best Picture Oscar.
be running on empty (informal)
1. to continue to work and be active when you have no energy left I get the impression he's been running on empty for months now. A holiday will do him good. 2. (American & Australian) if a person or an organization is running on empty, they have no new ideas or are not as effective as they were before The fund-raising campaign was running on empty after ten years under the same leader. See also: empty
be up and running
if a system, an organization, or a machine is up and running, it is established and working Until the new computer system is up and running we will have to work on paper. See also: and, up
do/make (all) the running (British)
to be the person who causes things to happen and develop Men are no longer expected to do all the running at the beginning of a relationship. If we want this campaign to be a success, it's up to us to make the running.
hit the ground running (mainly American)
to immediately work very hard and successfully at a new activity If elected, they promise to hit the ground running in their first few weeks of office. See also: ground, hita running battle (with somebody/something) an argument or fight that continues for a long time Flynn has fought a running battle with the tobacco company over its advertisements. See also: battle
hit the ground running
to be ready to work immediately on a new activity His previous experience will allow him to hit the ground running when he takes over the Commerce Department. See also: ground, hit
in the running
having a chance to win This movie must be in the running for best documentary. Usage notes: said about a competition or electionOpposite of: out of the running
off and running
started and doing well The company is off and running with its new cable television operation. The band played on a Monday night and broke the nightclub's attendance record, and after that they were off and running. See also: and
out of the running
with no chance to win This defeat puts Williams out of the running for the trophy. Opposite of: in the running See also: out
running on empty
lacking energy or enthusiasm He's been running on empty for months now - a vacation will do him good. The program to build low-cost housing has not attracted much support and is running on empty.Related vocabulary: on automatic pilotEtymology: based on the literal meaning of running on empty (operating a car with almost no fuel)See also: empty
running on fumes
continuing to do something when you have almost no energy left After two straight games against top teams, the Tigers were running on fumes and lost on Saturday night. See also: fume
up and running
actively working My computer was finally up and running again, and I could attack the huge batch of work I had to finish. It took several years to get his law practice up and running. See also: and, up

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